Finland is known for its strong mobile game development. Even though we are still strong in mobile, it is no longer as dominating a platform as it used to be.

According to interviews conducted for this study, 62 % of companies are developing games on the Apple iOS and 65 % on the Android platform. The share of the still emerging mobile platform, Huawei, remains small. As already for years, multiplatform development is very common, and most companies develop the same game for several platforms. All the console platforms have gained some popularity, while PC development has a little surprisingly slightly decreased. The biggest drop in comparison to our previous study can be seen in AR development, though there are also some strong AR game developers, such as Next Games.  

The new category “Other” includes e.g., HTML 5 games, games made for dedicated platforms such as different types of exergames and some hard to define browser games.

All in all, the landscape of favoured development platforms seems quite similar to what has been observed in our previous studies.

Video introduces the platforms the Finnish game developers are developing their games for, with subtitles.
Popularity of the platforms among Finnish game studios