FINLAND IS KNOWN for its strong mobile game development. However, mobile is no longer as dominating a platform as it used to be.

PC (64%) is now almost as popular a platform as mobile (66%). Finnish studios have had successful games on both PC and consoles, including, for example, Remedy's Control and Housemarque's Returnal. In addition, indie hits on PC like Noita and Baba is You are still reaching new players.

Multi-platform game development is common in Finland, with 59% of studios developing games for two or more platforms, and 18% developing for three or more platforms. Meanwhile, 41% of companies focus on a single platform, with most single platform developers concentrating on mobile, in this context meaning iOS and Android. Although this study lacks information on the popularity of different mobile platforms (iOS, Android, other) or console platforms (PlayStation, Xbox, Switch), all individual platforms are accounted for in their respective categories.

AR and VR games, which have declined in popularity among Finnish developers, are now included in the "Other" category. This category also encompasses HTML5 games, cloud multiplatform, Web3 and blockchain games, games made for dedicated platforms, and some hard-to-define browser games. While this category includes some new platforms, its share has declined in popularity overall.

Mobile development remains as popular as it was in our previous study, PC development has gained more popularity, and there has been an increase in console development as well. All in all, it seems that Finnish developers are now more focused on traditional platforms.

Popularity of the platforms among Finnish game studios

Popularity of the platforms among Finnish game studios

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